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The people who live in a golden age usually go around complaining how yellow everything looks.

The people who live in a golden age usually go around complaining how yellow everything looks.

One of the most obvious facts about grown-ups, to a child, is that they have forgotten what it is like to be a child. ---->>>

It is better to entertain an idea than to take it home to live with you for the rest of your life. ---->>>

A poet is a man who manages, in a lifetime of standing out in thunderstorms, to be struck by lightning five or six times. ---->>>

The blind date that has stood you up: your life. ---->>>

I think that one possible definition of our modern culture is that it is one in which nine-tenths of our intellectuals can't read any poetry. ---->>>

In the United States, there one feels free... Except from the Americans - but every pearl has its oyster. ---->>>

To Americans, English manners are far more frightening than none at all. ---->>>

If we meet an honest and intelligent politician, a dozen, a hundred, we say they aren't like politicians at all, and our category of politicians stays unchanged; we know what politicians are like. ---->>>

He thinks that Schiller and St Paul were just two Partisan Review editors. ---->>>

I decided that Europeans and Americans are like men and women: they understand each other worse, and it matters less, than either of them suppose. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-06, 1914
Die: 10-15, 1965
Occupation: Poet

Randall Jarrell (May 6, 1914 – October 14, 1965) was an American poet, literary critic, children's author, essayist, novelist, and the 11th Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, a position that now bears the title Poet Laureate.(wikipedia)