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My studio is the only place I feel good in. There, I'm fearless; outside, I'm a mess. ---->>>

I have no fear of changing looks. ---->>>

Sometimes when I walk into a gallery and I see someone's work, I think to myself, 'Gee, I wish I had done that.' ---->>>

In a way, I pattern myself after all the bands I used to like as a kid. Every time they put out LPs, they had a whole new look and a new sound. ---->>>

Making art has never been a mystery to me. It's never been something that's very difficult. ---->>>

I love deliberately badly written books. ---->>>

I don't collect books just because other people collect them, and I'm not going to have books in my collection if I think it's badly written. ---->>>

Some people are better at handling the limelight than others. ---->>>

It's interesting how people who were once fairly radical can become, later in life, kind of conservative, and not just in terms of politics - how, if you're an artist, you can start out being somewhat avant-garde and then end up doing landscapes. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Artist

Richard Prince (born 1949) is an American painter and photographer. Prince began copying other photographers' work in 1975. His image, Untitled (Cowboy), a rephotographing of a photograph taken originally by Sam Abell and appropriated from a cigarette advertisement, was the first rephotograph to raise more than $1 million at auction when it was sold at Christie's New York in 2005 (wikipedia)