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Look, I haven't had hardly any bad luck. I never look at it that way. ---->>>

One of the biggest reasons I like coaching college ball is the kids. I feel I can impact players' lives. I like the fact that they're student-athletes. I like to see those kids graduate. ---->>>

I am like that guy on the 'Odd Couple,' and it is not the neat guy. I go into my room and find pieces of pizza under the laundry. ---->>>

I am a big barbecue-sauce guy. ---->>>

Pro basketball is a very mercenary endeavor. ---->>>

I have friends in Utah who care about me as a person, not for what I am. They'll call to see how my heart is, how my blood pressure is. That's important to me. ---->>>

I am kind of the guy you'd expect to be driving an 18-wheeler through town. ---->>>

I really never look at my health issues as 'Woe is me.' I've seen the reality of that. And it's not a pleasant thing. ---->>>

I've had opportunities. But I'm happy at Utah. I can do a lot of nice things and I love the kids. We work hard and we have fun. ---->>>

It's good to be in on the action. ---->>>

Nobody thought I would be a great coach. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 02-17, 1948
Die: 12-01, 2012
Occupation: Coach

Richard Raymond Majerus (February 17, 1948 – December 1, 2012) was an American college basketball coach. He coached at Marquette University (1983–1986), Ball State University (1987–1989), the University of Utah (1989–2004), and Saint Louis University (2007–2012). Majerus' most successful season came at Utah in the 1997–98 season, when the Utes finished as NCAA national runners-up (wikipedia)