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I'm not ashamed of showing my curves to the world. Bodies are beautiful when they're full and healthy and fit. I've always had curves and I'll always be proud of them.

I'm not ashamed of showing my curves to the world. Bodies are beautiful when they're full and healthy and fit. I've always had curves and I'll always be proud of them.

I see myself as a bit of a traveller. I am a workaholic. ---->>>

I don't live my life seeking validation from people on social media. ---->>>

'Raining Diamonds' talks about knowing there's something better out there. You don't have to just settle. ---->>>

I feel liberated, empowered, inspired and motivated. Fear holds you back from achieving what you want in life. ---->>>

Of course I treat myself every now and then. Once a month I might have pizza and red wine and maybe a dessert, but that's it. ---->>>

You can, of course, be a sexy, strong female and be a good role model. ---->>>

I come from a family of tall, curvy women. I developed in my body and my shape far earlier, so from a young age I accepted it. I embraced it and saw it as an advantage. ---->>>

I was born with confidence in myself and who I am. Even when I was a little kid, I felt that, and I carried it all through my years. I'm 26 now, and I'm still that person. I think every woman needs to have that self-love. ---->>>

One day I looked in the mirror, and I wasn't happy. If you're not feeling good mentally, emotionally and physically, you're just a mess - and that's the point I felt like. It was a change in attitude and a shift in lifestyle. There's no crazy diet; I train six days a week, and I eat really well. ---->>>

Things don't weigh me down any more. I confront things, and I move on. I don't dwell on things; I don't let things simmer under the surface. I am where it starts and where it ends. I have the power in my life to be happy. ---->>>

Australia is so entrenched in rock n'roll and bands, and that's just the way Australia is. ---->>>

People like to put you in a little box, and that's where they are comfortable with you being. ---->>>

I generally like to be up front and honest and open because that's how I've always been. I have nothing to hide, and I think people relate to you more when you're just yourself. ---->>>

I think 'pop' can be a bit of a dirty word. People are very cool in Australia. They don't like to admit that they like pop. There are people who listen to Triple J and cool stuff like that, but commercial radio is massive, and if you look at the sales of the pop songs every week, people love pop music. ---->>>

I think my body is beautiful, and I'm confident to embrace it. There's nothing to be ashamed of if you're a size 14, as long as you're fit and healthy. ---->>>

I'm so proud to be a real woman, a size 14 woman on the cover of a magazine like 'Ralph.' Women's publications rarely put size 14 women on the cover, let alone men's, so I'm really honoured and proud to be on the cover and representing curvy, sexy women out there. ---->>>

It's about enhancing your body and accentuating your good areas. Shapewear isn't the ugly, embarrassing granny undies they used to be - they really are sexy. ---->>>

People assume that a lot of pop artists don't write their songs. That, for me, is super frustrating because I think it detracts from some of the art and some of the craft of what we do. I'm at the helm of it, and I think that is what people don't see. ---->>>

There are a lot of artists that come and go very quickly, and I understand why just because someone has a No. 1 doesn't necessarily mean they should be up for best male or female categories. I understand that Aria are protecting the integrity of what Aria is, but I do think that pop music isn't recognised enough. ---->>>

I definitely don't have any desire to have children. ---->>>

I get really frustrated with people who turn their noses up at talent shows like 'The Voice' and 'X-Factor.' ---->>>

I love kids, and I'm great with them, but I also love being able to give them back. ---->>>

I love my body because it's what I've been given. Being too thin is just as unhealthy as being obese. ---->>>

I'm not the girl that sits at home on a Saturday night plaiting her girlfriend's hair, drinking tea and watching romantic comedies. ---->>>

As a little kid, I used to lock myself in my room and put on my Whitney Houston CD's and pretend to be her and try and hit every single note that she hit. I used to dream that one day that would be me. ---->>>

I can't tell you the number of times people have told me if I just lost 10kg, I could go much further in my career. But I'm determined to show them - and other average-size women - it is doable and possible. ---->>>

I saw my aunties and my mum give up a part of themselves and their dreams to have kids. There were things they wanted to achieve in life, but they had kids instead.

I saw my aunties and my mum give up a part of themselves and their dreams to have kids. There were things they wanted to achieve in life, but they had kids instead.

I'd been listening to some old '70s disco, soul stuff, and I thought, 'Let's go into the studio and do something different. Let's do something that's super unashamedly pop and fun and danceable.' 'Trouble' is what we did. It's something that wrote itself. ---->>>

I've been all different shapes and sizes in my lifetime. I started wearing shapewear as a teenager after I did 'Australian Idol.' I had a little tummy, and I was always really quite conscious of that. ---->>>

Music is my number one, it's my life, it's my everything. I'm enjoying challenging myself; I want to raise the bar and set a new standard for Australian pop artists. ---->>>

Nothing that I've done has been conventional. I didn't go with a major label, I didn't sign up with the bigwig management that basically has everyone but doesn't have time for anyone. I didn't win 'Idol' - I was seventh. I don't do anything how everybody else does it. ---->>>

Who doesn't know the easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl line? I'm so excited to be the face of the brand in Australia and help all girls find and rock their inner Covergirl! ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 11-10, 1985
Birthplace: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Musician

Ricki-Lee Dawn Coulter (born 10 November 1985), also known mononymously as Ricki-Lee, is a New Zealand-born Australian singer, songwriter, television and radio presenter. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand, grew up on the Gold Coast, Queensland and began performing at the age of 15. In 2004, she auditioned for the second season of Australian Idol and placed seventh in the finals round (wikipedia)