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Mobile entertainment is a huge opportunity. We are committed to mobile just as much as we are to PCs. ---->>>

Because Microsoft seems to sometimes not trust customer choice, they salt XP with all these little gizmos and trap doors to get people to try Microsoft stuff. But the reality is that we're downloading more players than we ever have on a worldwide basis. ---->>>

We tell anybody who asks that we think Apple is making a big mistake by not being compatible. ---->>>

Apple does great products, but at the end of the day we think consumers want choice, consumers want openness. ---->>>

Personally, I just got one of these Vonage IP phones. It's actually pretty cool. It comes with one of these Cisco ATA routers where you just plug an analog handset in. ---->>>

We're in this period where we're getting good data rates. I would say we're getting data rates that are like the data rates we got when we launched RealAudio in 1995. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-16, 1962
Occupation: Businessman