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As a director, you should choose a project that will educate you and enrich your life, because you're going to be doing it for two years. ---->>>

Maybe it took a little time, or we're a little late, but finally we're recognizing that international stars are fantastic. They're the greatest actors in the world, and few people know that. ---->>>

The hardest part about directing is getting everyone on the same page. ---->>>

The thing about movie musicals is that there have been some brilliant ones, but when they're bad, they're really bad - big white elephants. ---->>>

I'd much rather fail than do something like 'The Chorus Line' movie, sanitized and Hollywoodized. ---->>>

Maybe because I come from choreography, I've always felt that there's something about action films that made it very natural for me to go that way. It's story through movement. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-17, 1960
Birthplace: Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
Occupation: Director

Rob Marshall (born October 17, 1960) is an American theater director, film director and choreographer. His most noted work is the 2002 Academy Award for Best Picture winner Chicago, for which he won a Directors Guild of America Award, as well as Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for Best Director (wikipedia)