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Writing monsters is fun, and it's easy. When I want one, I just reach under the bed and pull it out, kicking and screaming. ---->>>

I need it all: in-depth characterization, fantastic/warped world building, a plot that could out-race Secretariat, and a 'voice.' I need to hear a uniqueness in the author's voice. ---->>>

I love Urban Fantasy, even though I'm inevitably compared to 'Supernatural,' only a little more edgy. ---->>>

Don't accept what's out there because that is all that's out there. Look for the new and unusual. Seek out what you genuinely want to read and don't settle. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Novelist

Robyn Thurman, writing under the name Rob Thurman, is a New York Times Best Selling American novelist. To date, she has written three series and two short stories, totaling 11 books, and has been published in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan. Her Cal Leandros series and her Trickster series share the same universe, and are classified as urban fantasy (wikipedia)