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The time to hesitate is through.

The time to hesitate is through.

I didn't plan on rock-n-roll. I wanted to learn jazz; I got to know some people doing rock-n-roll with jazz, and I thought I could make some money playing music. ---->>>

In The Doors we have both musicians and poets, and both know of each other's art, so we can effect a synthesis. ---->>>

Most groups today aren't groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves. ---->>>

When I play with my band around the U.S.A., the most requested song is 'Peace Frog.' ---->>>

I really hate it when I see other bands selling their music to commercials. ---->>>

We made some mistakes. We had some managers we didn't like and had to get rid of, and that cost some money. Stuff like that. But overall, we did really well. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-08, 1946
Occupation: Musician

Robert Alan "Robby" Krieger (born January 8, 1946) is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter best known as the guitarist of the rock band the Doors, and as such has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Krieger wrote or co-wrote many of the Doors' songs, including the hits "Light My Fire", "Love Me Two Times", "Touch Me", and "Love Her Madly" (wikipedia)