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The social disease of political correctness has entered daily life, inverting good to bad and attempting to rewrite proud histories as an imposition of white supremacy for which we all should make contrition. ---->>>

The fallacy in the progressive critique is the egalitarian dogma that no one should get more than what liberals deem is a 'fair' reward, nor should there be any risk to anyone to fail. ---->>>

I'm a big believer in human nature. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-21, 1953
Birthplace: Rochester, New York, U.S.
Occupation: Businessman

Robert Frank Agostinelli (born May 21, 1953) is an Italian American self made billionaire financier who is the chairman and co-founder of private equity firm Rhône Group. Forbes estimates Agostinelli's net worth to be $1.0 billion, ranking him as the 416th richest American. Agostinelli was ranked #124 amongst the richest people in the United Kingdom by the Sunday Times Rich List in 2012 through to 2015 with a net worth of £675 million (wikipedia)