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A good story is elegantly wrapped, and the child discovers things bit by bit. ---->>>

I must have been very young, but I have a clear memory of drawing on a cream brick wall... with wax crayons. ---->>>

1950s education didn't agree with me. I was totally lost. ---->>>

My studio is not arty. It doesn't smell of turpentine, and I'm not knee-high in paper. ---->>>

You don't put your head above the parapet and become a personality if you're an illustrator - it's not part of it; it's not possible. You are a servant to the story. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 10-13, 1936
Occupation: Artist

Robert Roger Ingpen AM, FRSA (born 13 October 1936) is an Australian graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. For his "lasting contribution" as a children's illustrator he received the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1986.(wikipedia)