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Mark Twain said, 'The right word is to the nearly right word as lightning is to the lightning bug.' Fill your book with lightning. ---->>>

I am an amateur mountain climber. Once or twice a year I go off to Chamonix in the French Alps, under Mont Blanc, and with a guide do treks that include rock climbing at high altitude. ---->>>

Fill your pages with details. Work hard to get the right word. ---->>>

For me, Fitzgerald was one of the great American writers of the last century; a wordsmith, a storyteller, a perfectionist. ---->>>

When people ask me if I have worked for the C.I.A., I often answer: what good to you is my answer? Because if I did, I might not say so. ---->>>

The poetry of Walt Whitman. I can return again and again to these magnificent poems and still get pleasure from reading them. ---->>>

I am not conventionally religious, but I am an ongoing student of the Old and the New Testament and the history of the Jewish people and the birth of Christianity. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-08, 1935
Occupation: Author

Robert Littell (born January 8, 1935) is an American novelist and former journalist who resides in France. He specializes in spy novels that often concern the CIA and the Soviet Union. Littell was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a Jewish family, of Russian Jewish origin. He is a 1956 graduate of Alfred University in western New York (wikipedia)