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At the WTO, it's never a general surgery. It's always a very specific, clinical, precise surgery - and you can't miss the target. If you miss the target, you kill the patient. It's as simple as that. ---->>>

We cannot look backwards. What we have to do is raise our heads, look forward, roll up our sleeves and work. ---->>>

Trade liberalization can be contagious, and the opening of markets regionally can spark progress multilaterally as well. ---->>>

Each blockage is a blockage. Each impasse is an impasse. You have to find a solution; there is no recipe that fits each one of them. ---->>>

We have to learn how to work within the limits that are possible, not what is desirable. ---->>>

I think what helps me is that delegations of all sizes - the small, the medium, the large, the largest - they all have seen me in action. They all have seen me unlocking blockages, unlocking impasses for several years now, and they all know that... I can bring a constructive mood to the table. ---->>>

My job is to prioritize multi-lateralism, and that of course interests Brazil, which is a global player. I'm representing 159 members, and one of them happens to be Brazil. ---->>>

In an era of global value chains, worldwide sourcing and the never-ending search for new markets, we must be careful to avoid the proliferation of regional standards. A multilateral approach holds wider benefits for more actors. ---->>>


Roberto Azevedo profile (roberto-azevedo.jpg)
Nationality: Brazilian
Born: 10-03, 1957
Occupation: Diplomat

Roberto Carvalho de Azevêdo (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʁoˈbɛʁtu kaʁˈvaʎu dʒi azeˈvedu]; born 3 October 1957) is a Brazilian diplomat and the current Director-General of the World Trade Organization. Azevêdo was elected to succeed Pascal Lamy as Director-General of the World Trade Organization in May 2013 (wikipedia)