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The basic premise of this is that, yes, people have learned to clone each other, but that cloning is illegal. Not that it's bad, just that the law as it is now, is that if you die, you're dead. ---->>>

I think the ethics and morals of genetic engineering are very complicated. It intrigues me. ---->>>

Class isn't something you buy. Look at you. You have a $500 suit on and you're still a lowlife. ---->>>

I haven't done the Star Wars kind of films. ---->>>

Actually, after the release of the Bond film, the producers came back to me to offer me another one, but I didn't have any juice left for an immediate encore. ---->>>

The script is very good because the things that happen in it are very believable to me. It doesn't presuppose that the world has changed very much. You don't have to think that you're in a different world. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 01-05, 1945
Birthplace: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Director

Roger Spottiswoode (born 5 January 1945) is a British-Canadian film director, editor and writer. He was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and was raised in Britain. His father Raymond Spottiswoode was a British film theoretician who worked at the National Film Board of Canada during the 1940s, directing such short films such as Wings of a Continent (wikipedia)