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As an athlete, success is not just about winning; it is about working hard and giving it all you have. I have always taken one match at a time and worked hard; when I succeeded, I worked further on the aspects of the game which worked for me; when I failed, I listed out my weaknesses and worked on them. ---->>>

Discipline has been a key factor to my success. ---->>>

The journey has definitely not been easy, but all the sacrifice has paid off very well in terms of my performance on-court. ---->>>

I have always made sure that I put my game ahead of anything else, sometimes even before friends and family. ---->>>

I've spent so much of my life travelling alone, so I keep things to myself. ---->>>


Nationality: Indian
Born: 03-04, 1980
Occupation: Athlete

Rohan Bopanna (born 4 March 1980) is an Indian professional tennis player. His singles career high ranking was World No. 213 in 2007 and his career high ranking in doubles was World No. 3 on 22 July 2013. Recently, most of his appearances in professional tournaments have been in doubles matches. He is a member of the Indian Davis Cup team since 2002 (wikipedia)