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Your karma should be good, and everything else will follow. Your good karma will always win over your bad luck. ---->>>

The body needs its rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle.

The body needs its rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle.

All my films have been criticised, but here I stand with six superhits and three 100-crore films! ---->>>

When I was 16, I was like any other boy at that age who dreams of having a good physique. ---->>>

I know my audience, and they, in turn, know my cinema. When I pick a subject, it's for a family audience. I shoot and edit my films keeping them in mind. I'm dead sure about the product that bears my name. ---->>>

My audience loves seeing me pump large amounts of money into action and sets. And it works. I'm not saying that films made within a budget are wrong. But when audiences come to see my film with their families, I guess they are spending at least 10 per cent of their monthly income. I don't want to cheat them. ---->>>

We are seeing a changed Mumbai, but having showcased Dharavi in 'Slum Dog Millionaire' brought shame and disgrace to our city. Whenever the firangs visit Mumbai, they must visit Dharavi; it has become a sightseeing spot. However, I feel saddened about it. ---->>>

When I see films like 'Lagaan' and 'Rang De Basanti,' I feel, 'Why can't I do work like this?' Then you think and realise you need to learn more to make this kind of a film or write this kind of a film. Also, somewhere down the line, you need to be brave. ---->>>

Working out is a healthy habit: it helps you stay light and energetic. At least, that is how it works for me, and over the years it has been one of my greatest passions. ---->>>

By nature, I am a low-key person and like being behind the camera. ---->>>

Earning money is not a sin, and the bottom line is growth. ---->>>

I was keen to direct an action film, and when Reliance approached me for the remake of 'Singham,' I saw an opportunity to return to my first love. ---->>>

My films are larger than life. ---->>>

My grandmother and both my parents worked in Bollywood. ---->>>

Since the first 'Singham,' many films have that kind of action. So we have to work harder to create something new. ---->>>

The so-called intellectuals don't like my films. ---->>>

We had a great time making 'Chennai Express.' It was a learning experience working with Shah Rukh... it was a positive experience. ---->>>

A producer's job is finance control. I can't handle money. I have devised a system, where I come with my own team and we make a film for the producer. We do a lot of production, too, but I don't keep accounts. Now I keep a share in the profits - if the producer earns, so do I; otherwise, no. There is a risk there, but that's the way I work. ---->>>

Ask an eight-year-old kid or see his face when he sees a car being blown up. They come to me, ask me what I am doing next. They loved 'Singham' because there were so many cars, and that's why there was no blood, because I knew they will come to watch my film. ---->>>

Even the multiplex audience wants this flavour. No big-budget film can be a commercial hit until it does well both at multiplexes and single screens. 'Ghajini' and 'Dabangg' are examples. ---->>>

Film making is an expensive, as well as a serious business. We should be able to entertain our audiences, who are fully aware of what they want. Every filmmaker has a different point of view and presents facets of society. ---->>>

Hema Malini and Nutan were my childhood crushes! I met Hemaji once when dad took me to the set of a film. Both these ladies stole my heart with their beauty and grace. ---->>>

I don't go for holidays or celebrate my success because I know nothing is permanent. I don't let it get to me - like I am India's top director with too many hits. If that happens, I might lose the connect with my audience. The day I go wrong, they will run away from me. I want to be like an assistant director all my life. ---->>>

I have seen ups and downs. I am 10 films old. People say I have changed. But, I don't sense any change in myself. If I had to change, I would have changed in my second or third film. ---->>>

I made four comedies, and all did well, but I always wanted to do an action film. When I saw 'Singham,' I thought this was the right film. Many stopped me, saying, 'You are doing so well in comedy, why do you want to make this film?' ---->>>

I would personally not run down any cinema just because I am not capable of making it. Anurag Kashyap makes a certain kind of cinema; I make a different kind. But when we meet, we are friendly. ---->>>

I'm God's chosen child. I don't worry or carry anything extra to feel the strength. I've always felt the power of God beside me. Your strength lies in instilling honesty, truth, and sincerity in you. ---->>>

If you know where you stand, and your minus and plus points as a director or as a human being, you will never go wrong. You will always be successful. ---->>>

It used to hurt when people ran down my films. I used to feel inferior. I wouldn't go to parties or award functions because my cinema is not considered good enough. But now I keep my head high, and I am proud of what I am doing. ---->>>

Jokes apart, people are constantly asking me, 'What are you doing for the industry?' When one makes a blockbuster, you plough back money into the industry. If my film makes 100 crore, I'm not taking the entire sum home! It gets distributed between the exhibitors, distributors, producers and actors. ---->>>

My detractors are only accusing me of blowing up cars. What they have not realised is that my films have the potential to cross language barriers. New avenues have opened for Hindi films, and I'm proud and happy about it. ---->>>

My films have become bilingual. When everyone saw 'Chennai Express,' they said it was a bilingual. But I am proud that 'Chennai Express' is the highest-grossing Hindi film down South. ---->>>

Obviously, I'm very happy when one of my films becomes a blockbuster. However, after a point, I want to switch off. I have learnt to just move on. Too much pressure can make you wrong. ---->>>

People in the metros are busy making ends meet, but through my films, I like to give the reality of life a skip, and choose concepts which will give audiences a stress-free two-and-a-half hours. ---->>>

Seven out of my nine films were hits. 80 per cent of the audience loves my films; the remaining 20 per may be right in their opinion, but that doesn't make me wrong. If I try too hard to woo them, I'd be cheating my core audience. ---->>>

'Singham' was one-and-a-half stars all over, and it was one of the biggest hits of my career. It gave me so much respect. People think if it's not critically acclaimed, you won't get respect. But that's not true. Even if you get one star, your film will do well if the audience wants to see it. ---->>>

There are many critics who invite me on their show, and I have told them that when my film releases, you will give it one-and-a-half star rating. That's fine. There's no issue because stars will matter when I'm planning to open a five star hotel. When I'm making films, I don't need stars. ---->>>

When I am shooting, I am inside the theatre, when I am in the editing room, I am inside the theatre. I always try to feel what they will feel. I see a film, not as a director, but as the audience. If I am entertained, they will be, too. ---->>>

When I write, I keep the family audience in mind. I ensure there's no vulgarity, as families are coming into the theatres, and there's no blood and gore because of the kids. There is a set of people who doesn't like my cinema, but there's a bigger group that likes the kind of movies I make. ---->>>


Nationality: Indian
Born: 03-14, 1973
Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Occupation: Director

Rohit Shetty (born 14 March 1973) is an Indian film director and producer. His work as a filmmaker include the films Golmaal, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, Singham, Bol Bachchan, Singham Returns, Chennai Express and Dilwale, which is currently the sixth highest grossing Bollywood film worldwide, for which he was nominated for Filmfare Award for Best Director (wikipedia)