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I don't want to get into autobiographies; I don't want to talk about myself. ---->>>

People think of the greatest home run hitters of all time and think of Babe Ruth; they don't think about that Warren Spahn hit more than anybody. ---->>>

That's all baseball is, is numbers; it's run by numbers, averages, percentage and odds. Managers make their decisions based on the numbers. ---->>>

When I got out of baseball, I got all the way out. I might watch a World Series game or something. ---->>>

I didn't like The Astrodome or any of the Astro-Turf fields. Probably my worst ballpark was The Met in Minnesota; I hated that place. I was so glad when they tore that place down, you have no idea. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-25, 1946
Occupation: Athlete

Roland Glen Fingers (born August 25, 1946) is an American retired professional baseball pitcher. Fingers pitched in Major League Baseball for the Oakland Athletics (1968–76), San Diego Padres (1977–80) and Milwaukee Brewers (1981–85). Fingers is a three-time World Series champion, a seven-time MLB All-Star, a four-time Rolaids Relief Man of the Year, and three-time MLB saves champion (wikipedia)