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I looked at my shoulder and saw a javelin stuck in it. I was in shock. ---->>>

If the javelin had hit me 10cm to the left, it would have punctured my lung, 20cm higher the throat, which would have been the worst-case scenario. Just 1cm higher and it would have hit bone, muscle and tendon and that would have been the end of my sporting career. ---->>>

I think I always prefer the long jump, high jump, and javelin. I don't like the 400 metres and the pole vault except when I'm really in shape. ---->>>

My position in the army is as sport instructor. This allows me generous time off for travel and competition. I also receive a monthly salary from the army. ---->>>

During the decathlon, I always think only of the next event and my personal record. ---->>>

I am the type of guy that always looks into the future. But, of course, you never completely forget a javelin in your shoulder. ---->>>


Nationality: Czechoslova
Born: 11-26, 1974
Birthplace: Lanškroun, Pardubický kraj
Occupation: Athlete

Roman Šebrle (Czech pronunciation: [ˈroman ˈʃɛbr̩lɛ]; born 26 November 1974) is an athlete from the Czech Republic. He is considered to be one of the best decathlon athletes of all time. Originally a high jumper, he competes in decathlon and heptathlon for team Dukla Prague and is a former world record holder in the decathlon (wikipedia)