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Math is sometimes called the science of patterns. ---->>>

Juggling is sometimes called the art of controlling patterns, controlling patterns in time and space. ---->>>

Well, as you know, there are 24 hours in every day. And if that's not enough, you've always got the nights! ---->>>

It would be very discouraging if somewhere down the line you could ask a computer if the Riemann hypothesis is correct and it said, 'Yes, it is true, but you won't be able to understand the proof.' ---->>>

A lot of the high-level sports are really in your mind. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-31, 1935
Occupation: Mathematician

Ronald Lewis "Ron" Graham (born October 31, 1935) is a mathematician credited by the American Mathematical Society as being "one of the principal architects of the rapid development worldwide of discrete mathematics in recent years". He has done important work in scheduling theory, computational geometry, Ramsey theory, and quasi-randomness (wikipedia)