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You play for a club like Real Madrid, the people outside start talking. ---->>>

I'm really happy in Liverpool and the club feels such a family. I feel great, I have a nice house and my family have been here from the beginning so they could help me. ---->>>

I want to do what I like and that's play football. ---->>>

If I can score goals, then why not, I think the fans will love to see that. I have a big career looking ahead and I want to impress. ---->>>

If somebody says they are going to do something - and then later they don't - it affects me a lot, and I lose confidence in them. ---->>>

Spanish football is very good but every year the same teams win the league. ---->>>

Everyone knows I am a winner. ---->>>


Nationality: Dutch
Born: 04-08, 1987
Occupation: Athlete

Royston Ricky Drenthe (born 8 April 1987) is a retired Dutch professional footballer and rapper. Although he primarily played as a left winger, he could also operated as a left back, speed was his main attribute. Drenthe started his professional career with Eredivisie side Feyenoord in 2005, having graduated from the club's youth academy (wikipedia)