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My education at Baron Byng High School was excellent, with dedicated masters (boys and girls were separate). ---->>>

Growing up, mostly in Montreal, I was an only child of loving parents. ---->>>

About 1960, it became clear that it was best for me to bring the experimental part of my research program to a close - there was too much to do on the theoretical aspects - and I began the process of winding down the experiments. ---->>>

Being exposed to theory, stimulated by a basic love of concepts and mathematics, was a marvelous experience. ---->>>

My interest in the sciences started with mathematics in the very beginning, and later with chemistry in early high school and the proverbial home chemistry set. ---->>>

My mother used to wheel me about the campus when we lived in that neighborhood and, as she recounted years later, she would tell me that I would go to McGill. ---->>>

Nevertheless, the realization that breaking a pencil point would have far less disastrous consequences played little or no role, I believe, in this decision to explore theory! ---->>>

I have always loved going to school. ---->>>

After a subsequent interview at Brooklyn Poly, I was hired, and life as a fully independent researcher began. ---->>>

During my McGill years, I took a number of math courses, more than other students in chemistry. ---->>>

Life would be indeed easier if the experimentalists would only pause for a little while! ---->>>

After some minor pieces of theoretical study that I worked on, a student in my statistical mechanics class brought to my attention a problem in polyelectrolytes. ---->>>

My life as a working theorist began three months after this preliminary study and background reading, when Oscar gently nudged me toward working on a particular problem. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 07-21, 1923
Occupation: Scientist

Rudolph Arthur Marcus (born July 21, 1923) is a Canadian-born chemist who received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for his contributions to the theory of electron transfer reactions in chemical systems". Marcus theory, named after him, provides a thermodynamic and kinetic framework for describing one electron outer-sphere electron transfer (wikipedia)