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When I need the idea, I can find it immediately. I have a horror of rewriting or deleting; the parts of my composition are carried in my head 'till I can write them down, even to the last note. Then I do not alter a jot. ---->>>

This new art made a deep impression on me, and I began to study it ardently. ---->>>


Ruggero Leoncavallo profile (ruggero-leoncavallo.jpg)
Nationality: Italian
Born: March 8, 1857
Die: 08-09, 1919
Occupation: Composer

Ruggero (or Ruggiero) Leoncavallo (Italian pronunciation: [rudˈdʒɛːro leoŋkaˈvallo]; 23 April 1857 – 9 August 1919) was an Italian opera composer and librettist. Although he produced numerous operas and other songs throughout his career it is his opera Pagliacci (1892) that remained his lasting contribution, despite attempts to escape the shadow of his greatest success (wikipedia)