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I've gotten death threats, yes. I have. I think anytime you shine a spotlight on homosexuality or minorities and you try and say they are as normal or as worthy as acceptance as others, the people who are on the fringe don't like that and they will come after you. And they have come after me. ---->>>

I think I have a pattern of nice and lovely and then dark and twisted. ---->>>

Even though 'Glee' is sometimes a hard road, I am very excited about writing a multi-year arc. ---->>>

Yeah, at home it's all moonbeams and puppy-dog tails, so I guess I do have a darker side - and I like writing about it. ---->>>

Tone is everything in TV. ---->>>

Well, I'm from Indiana. So to me when I was a little kid growing up, Cincinnati was the glamorous New York of it all. ---->>>

I love crispy, cool sheets. ---->>>

I started off as a journalist when I was young and I did not get paid unless I wrote three stories a day. ---->>>

Originally, 'Popular' was going to be a movie. ---->>>

When I was growing up my favorite show was 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', and I loved all the stuff that Norman Lear did. ---->>>

You know, I'm very particular about my sheets. They have to be one hundred percent cotton, with a high thread count. Only cotton. No flannel. ---->>>

I have a maid. ---->>>

I had been accepted to film school, but my parents couldn't afford it, and yet they made too much money for me to get a scholarship. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 11-09, 1965
Occupation: Writer

Ryan Patrick Murphy (born November 9, 1965) is an American screenwriter, director and producer. Murphy is best known for creating/co-creating/producing a number of television series including Popular (1999–2001), Nip/Tuck (2003–10), Glee (2009–15), American Horror Story (2011–present), The New Normal (2012–13), Scream Queens (2015–16), American Crime Story (2016–present), and Feud (2017–present) (wikipedia)