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Justice is revenge. ---->>>

In Lebanon, it's never over for anyone. You cannot write off anyone or anything in this country. ---->>>

I don't operate under threats. Full stop. I don't. I don't buckle to pressure. ---->>>

Nobody's going to give you everything on a silver tray. It's going to be difficult. ---->>>

Without justice you won't have stability. ---->>>

The main problem that we have in Lebanon, and in the region, is we don't have a real peace process and I think this is the main focal problem that we have in the region. ---->>>

It's very easy to have slogans and rhetoric that people will follow, but eventually the slogans fall away. ---->>>

Although sometimes I might sound sometimes idealist or too optimistic but I think my father used to say to me in everything bad there's something good that is going to come out of it and there will always be a tomorrow. ---->>>

Violence would be a huge gift to those who want a divided Lebanon. ---->>>

I believe a relationship with a country is simply bound to the interests of two countries and not by personal issues. ---->>>

I have popular support. ---->>>


Nationality: Lebanese
Born: 04-18, 1970
Occupation: Politician

Saad Al-Hariri (Arabic: سعد الدين رفيق الحريري‎‎; born 18 April 1970) is a Lebanese politician. He became the Prime Minister of Lebanon for a second time in December 2016. He was also the Prime Minister from November 2009 to June 2011. He is the second son of Rafic Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister who was assassinated in 2005 (wikipedia)