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'Downton' is one of the best jobs in the world, and I'm looking forward to the next series for Maggie Smith's wicked sense of humour.

'Downton' is one of the best jobs in the world, and I'm looking forward to the next series for Maggie Smith's wicked sense of humour.

Not a lot of people know this, but I'm very good at mathematics. When I was an angry teenager, I used to sit in my room and do quadratic equations to calm myself down. ---->>>

I tend to opt for relaxed family holidays when I can. ---->>>

Filming is quite exciting because every day is different, but it can involve long hours standing around in chilly locations. Theatre is a very different challenge because every night you're striving to keep it fresh, even though you might have been performing the same play for months. ---->>>

I always have bananas with me for energy. ---->>>

My best friend is my husband. ---->>>

It's always been a dream of mine to be Ginger Rogers or Cyd Charisse, and here I am performing alongside Robert Lindsay and being directed by a major Broadway producer. Who said dreams don't come true? ---->>>

Something like 'Sex And The City' was insulting - women all clawing on to their youth when there's such ripe territory in honestly exploring women's lives as they get older. ---->>>

I've always had this sneaking suspicion that I get a kick out of the insecurity. ---->>>

I get so nervous before I go on stage that I can never eat very much, so I'm always completely starving afterwards and dying for a bowl of pasta. ---->>>

I have to be careful what I eat before going onstage, to avoid an upset stomach. ---->>>

I love Manhattan. ---->>>

I managed to slip two children out in the middle of my career and have been lucky with all the work. ---->>>

I think one of the most important things I can give my children is the right to be themselves. ---->>>

I think that as you get older, you become aware of everything that could go wrong. ---->>>

I'm an appalling flyer. I get very tense, although I no longer weep uncontrollably for no reason - I just sob if there's turbulence. ---->>>

I'm very shocked when I look at television and I see such an aggressive youth and image obsession in the representation of women on our screens. ---->>>

If you put people up on pedestals, there's only one way for them to go, and that is down. ---->>>

It's one of the oldest theatrical adages: never work with children or animals. ---->>>

I adore acting; it's in my blood - quite literally - but I can honestly say the most creative thing in the world for me is being a mother. ---->>>

I had absolutely no idea of the scale of its following and the globalness of 'Bond'. ---->>>

I've been married to the same man - even after the separation - longer than most people in this business. I'm sick to death of people mentioning it. ---->>>

If I pop off and do something drastic, everyone's going to realise because they know I'm 50. Anyway, middle-aged women are sensational. ---->>>

Inside my heart, there's a 12-year-old girl who has always wanted to be Ginger Rogers. ---->>>

My father Philip was an actor and appeared in everything from 'The Onedin Line' to 'Hedda Gabler' with Dame Diana Rigg. ---->>>

My nickname is Bondy. But not because of the Bond films - it was my surname a long time before I did those. ---->>>

Nobody can prepare you for the loss of a parent. ---->>>

Sometimes I'll work through the crossword sections of three separate papers. ---->>>

The big thing that Moneypenny changed was the amount of charity work that I was able to be involved with. ---->>>

The bravest thing I've ever done is fly to New York. I'm simply terrified of aeroplanes - I am the woman you see weeping at the airport. ---->>>

The middle-aged woman is the ground bed of the audience that watches television, and yet they are absolutely invisible. ---->>>

Agatha Christie holds special personal memories for me because my mum, a television producer called Pat Sandys, had been the first person to persaude the Agatha Christie estate to put one of her stories on T.V. ---->>>

As a child, I always remember our home, which was a flat just on the Barnes side of Hammersmith Bridge in London, buzzing with actors such as Patrick McGee and Peter Bowles. We were a family who were always on the go. ---->>>

I grew up without the rose-tinted look at the profession many of my friends had, but I've been very lucky playing major roles in 'An Ideal Husband', 'Arcadia' and 'The Memory of Water'. ---->>>

I lost a girlfriend when I was in my 30s. She was 46. It all sounds so trite, but I put a Post-it on my dressing-room wall. It said, 'The past is history. The future is a mystery. This moment is a gift, which is why it's called the present.' ---->>>

One of my earliest memories is of being about three and a half, climbing through the legs of a man who I didn't know was the famous actor, Patrick Magee.

One of my earliest memories is of being about three and a half, climbing through the legs of a man who I didn't know was the famous actor, Patrick Magee.

When I got on stage, I would have a rush of adrenaline; everybody gets it. Normally after the first night it becomes more controllable, and as long as I could ride the wave, I was still in charge. ---->>>

When women's parts are being written, they are more and more for under 30s who are nubile and beautiful. Actresses over 40 are finding very little happening. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 11-27, 1961
Birthplace: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Samantha Bond (born 27 November 1961) is an English actress, best known for her role as Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond films during the Pierce Brosnan years. She is also known for her role as meddlesome wealthy Lady Rosamund Painswick in Downton Abbey, spanning from 2010–15, who appeared in a number of episodes including the final episode of the final series (wikipedia)