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The fountain of youth is like the monkey's paw in the W. W. Jacobs story. It never ends well. ---->>>

What makes a story a story is that something changes. Internal, external, small or large, trivial or of earth-shattering importance. Doesn't matter. ---->>>

I am a huge fan of world-building. I love doing it in my own books, and I love reading it done well. ---->>>

Life on Mars would be awesome! Even single-celled life, although I admit that in my heart of hearts, I want it to be the barge-people of the canals. ---->>>

I have mild albinism, which means I am very sensitive to light, so the animal representation of my spirit would have to be a mole. I am particularly fond of that most Lovecraftian of mammals, the star-nosed mole, and tend to choose it for online icons and avatars. ---->>>

I would love with all my heart to be able to speak Greek, classical or modern or both. It is a beautiful language, both aurally and in terms of the intricacy of its construction. I took four semesters of Ancient Greek in college, but it's all rusted away now - and I never learned to speak it anyway. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Occupation: Novelist

Sarah Monette is an American novelist and short story author, writing mostly in the genres of fantasy and horror. She has also published as Katherine Addison.(wikipedia)