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I parted ways with the Congress, a party that I served for so many years, because its leadership constantly humiliated me by ignoring my talent both as a leader and an administrator. ---->>>

The Congress leadership always denied responsibilities to me both within the government and within the party organisation... They would always tell me my image as a Hindu leader was a constraint on my capacity as a political leader. ---->>>


Satpal Maharaj profile (satpal-maharaj.png)
Nationality: Indian
Born: 09-21, 1951
Occupation: Politician

Satpal Singh Rawat also known as Satpal Maharaj born 21 September 1951 in Kankhal (a small colony in the holy town of Haridwar, Uttarakhand), is the son of famous spiritual master Yogiraj Paramsant Shri Hans Ji Maharaj and Jagat Janni Rajeshwari Devi.He is a National Executive Member of Bharatiya Janata Party (wikipedia)