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My goal as a puzzle designer is to create a meaningful experience for the player, not just 'I solved it.' ---->>>

What I always want is to have several little 'aha' moments where your brain is very happy. ---->>>

If you're sitting across the table from someone, the geometry of the situation says 'confrontation.' If you're walking with somebody, you're heading in the same direction, and the spatial dance you're doing is a little more cooperative. ---->>>


Name: Scott Kim
Nationality: American
Occupation: Designer

Scott Kim is an American puzzle and computer game designer, artist, and author of Korean descent. He started writing an occasional "Boggler" column for Discover magazine in 1990, and became an exclusive columnist in 1999, and created hundreds of other puzzles for magazines such as Scientific American and Games, as well as thousands of puzzles for computer games (wikipedia)