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Atticus Finch. That's who I want to be when I grow up. He's the greatest guy ever - a good dad, a good lawyer, doing the right thing. And he knows he's not supposed to win, but he's doing it anyway. ---->>>

Whether it's veterans' disability claims, infrastructure projects, dam safety, or helping our farmers, what I am focused on is being useful for folks in the Hudson Valley. ---->>>

Congress is like first grade, only not as well behaved. ---->>>

In my next life, I want to be Jann Wenner. ---->>>

A lot of us spend our lives assuming we are going to get around to those things we want to do. ---->>>

I like people who can see what other people can't yet imagine. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-30, 1966
Occupation: Politician

Sean Patrick Maloney (born July 30, 1966) is an American politician and member of the Democratic Party who has served as the U.S. Representative for New York's 18th congressional district since 2013. Born in the Canadian province of Quebec, and raised in nearby Hanover, New Hampshire, he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia (wikipedia)