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A woman is supposed to have curves like an old Bentley, not like some old bike. ---->>>

I live my life like an open book, even though it's open on the wrong page. ---->>>

Pain can be vitalising; it gives intensity in the place of vagueness and emptiness. If we don't suffer, how do we know that we live? ---->>>

Dandyism is a lie which reveals the truth, and the truth is that we are what we pretend to be. ---->>>

My grandfather was a practising Quaker. My father was a nihilist. But nihilism, if you like, is the beginning of faith anyway. ---->>>

I am not an intellectual. An intellectual is someone who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso, whereas I just say 'pass the mustard'. ---->>>

The universe is neither friendly nor hostile. It is merely indifferent. This makes me ecstatic. ---->>>

Everyone says Oscar Wilde was a dandy, but he wasn't - he was an aesthete. He took pleasure in food and stuff like that. Dandyism is much more austere - much more Calvinistic, more neurotic - it oscillates between narcissism and neurosis. ---->>>

Being a dandy is a condition rather than a profession. It is a defense against suffering and a celebration of life. ---->>>

I used to have about a hundred suits in my late twenties and early thirties when my stock was riding high and I was rich. ---->>>

I am a fraud. I have cobbled together my personality from hundreds of little bits. I am simultaneously the most genuine and the most artificial person you will ever meet. ---->>>

My theory is that the way you cope with the depths will ascertain the heights that you reach - they are intimately connected - and if you have a lust for life, you are also going to have a lust for death. ---->>>

You may look back on your life and accept it as good or evil. But it is far, far harder to admit that you have been completely unimportant; that in the great sum of things, all a man's endless grapplings are no more significant than the scuttlings of a cockroach. ---->>>

An artist has to go to every extreme, to stretch his sensibility through excess and suffering in order to feel and to communicate more. ---->>>

I am half-Byronic, half-moronic; part-shaman, part-showman. ---->>>

I consider myself to be very correct and proper: an upright citizen. ---->>>

If I hear that people are litigious, I immediately dismiss them. ---->>>

If I want to dislike women, I should be allowed to. As it happens, I love them. Women to me are privately worshipped and publicly disdained. ---->>>

The problem with compassion is that it is not photogenic. ---->>>

Think of how many boring, blameless lives are brightened by the blazing indiscretion of me. ---->>>

People who have a reputation for being evil are usually good. ---->>>

I keep the shutters closed because I like to work in a hermetic environment. I like mirrors. When you look out of the window, all you see is ugliness, but when you look in the mirror all you see is beauty. ---->>>

I like living sparsely. In the main room, there's no furniture - no tables, no chairs, no coffee table - not even a decaffeinated coffee table. ---->>>

I do a lot of things for effect, which is not to say I am superficial, but that I know how to put ideas across. ---->>>

I don't talk, I quote. I can't help it. It's better to be quotable than honest. ---->>>

I like to remind myself that every morning I'm making a choice to live. ---->>>

I regret everything. But so what? At least I have cause. ---->>>

I think you are born, and I think you die. I have a pragmatic nature, but I yearn to believe. ---->>>

If someone thinks I'm posh, it just shows how lowly they are. Some people think I went to Eton. I'm far too stupid to get into Eton. ---->>>

Why shouldn't I be allowed to say stupid, outrageous things? ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 08-08, 1962
Birthplace: Holderness, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Die: 06-17, 2010
Occupation: Artist

Sebastian Horsley (born Marcus A. Horsley; 8 August 1962 – 17 June 2010) was a London artist. Horsley's writing often revolved around his dysfunctional family, his drug addictions, sex, and his reliance on prostitutes.(wikipedia)