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I want to be indifferent to vengeance. It's degrading. Not having a spirit of vengeance protects me, internally. ---->>>

The only one who thinks the world is safer since the occupation of Iraq is Bush. ---->>>

I don't want a Europe that is just a free-trade area attached to NATO. Even less do I want a Europe where it's everyone against everyone, and social and fiscal dumping replaces solidarity. ---->>>

As a mother, the things that I wanted for my own four children, I want for all the children of France. ---->>>

I do not mix up Bush's America with the American people. The American people are our friends. ---->>>

My diplomatic position will not consist of going and kneeling down in front of George Bush. ---->>>

People better get used to the idea that I exist. ---->>>

I have a sense of urgency, of time. I am a woman and am always running between work, doctors' appointments, school meetings, filling up the fridge, then going back to work. Like everyone who combines professional and family life, I am always doing several things at the same time. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 09-22, 1953
Occupation: Politician

Marie-Ségolène Royal, known as Ségolène Royal (pronounced: [se.ɡɔ.lɛn ʁwa.jal]; born 22 September 1953), is a French politician and prominent member of the Socialist Party. She was President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council from 2004 to 2014. She was the Socialist candidate in the 2007 presidential election, becoming the first woman in France to be nominated as a presidential candidate by a major party (wikipedia)