Seth Rogen short quotes

I love cold weather. ---->>>

I'm so good at procrastinating. ---->>>

My characters come from a good place. ---->>>

I didn't think I'd ever be an actor. ---->>>

Life, as I see it, is R-rated. ---->>>

Most comedy comes out of misery. ---->>>

I don't weigh myself. ---->>>

I'm not really a goal-oriented guy. ---->>>

My high school years were exactly like 'Superbad.' ---->>>

Good comedy doesn't have to be a comedy idea. ---->>>

I eat well, and I exercise. ---->>>

I mean, I love Comic-Con. ---->>>

I'm a complete coward in real life. ---->>>

I'm not the most romantic guy, although I do try. ---->>>

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Seth Rogen profile (seth-rogen.jpg)
Nationality: Canadian
Born: 04-15, 1982
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Actor