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Politicians are better liars than writers. ---->>>

I talk to trees and animals. We have interesting conversations about food, weather, and love. They sometimes can predict the future. ---->>>

I have written too much about lives - I feel I have lived for too long. ---->>>

I would like to be a philosopher in ancient Athens and a poet in ancient China. ---->>>


Name: Shan Sa
Nationality: French
Born: 10-26, 1972
Occupation: Author

Shan Sa is the pseudonym of Yan Ni (born October 26, 1972 in Beijing, China), a French author and painter. The Girl Who Played Go was the first of her novels to be published outside France, and won the Prix Goncourt des Lycéens (a prize voted by secondary school students). Her second novel to appear in English translation was Empress (2006) (wikipedia)