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I have beauty, intelligence, individuality, sensuality and sexuality.

I have beauty, intelligence, individuality, sensuality and sexuality.

You can still be strong and be feminine. ---->>>

I realize I can never take my success for granted. It's not attractive for anyone to be like that. ---->>>

School seemed unimportant, since I learned so much more on my own. ---->>>

I never really decided to be an actress, but I got an agent, was called back on every show I auditioned for, and finally decided I was meant to be an actress. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 03-10, 1957
Birthplace: St. John's,Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Occupation: Actress

Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons (born March 10, 1957) is a Canadian actress and model. One of the most successful actresses of mainstream erotica, she is identified with the genre of the erotic thriller. Tweed lives with her husband Gene Simmons, co-lead singer of the band Kiss, and their two children; Nicholas Adam Tweed-Simmons and Sophie Alexandra Tweed-Simmons (wikipedia)