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I'm just the highest energy person I know, and it's really weird.

I'm just the highest energy person I know, and it's really weird.

Jet-skiing is my favorite water sport. ---->>>

I grew up very much an athlete and very much a swimmer and a dancer and a horse rider and surf lifesaving club, you name it I've probably done it. I just find so much gratification in being physical. ---->>>

I mean, when you grow up dancing, you have to become very comfortable in your own skin. ---->>>

I watched 'A Chorus Line' over and over when I was growing up, to the point that I was able to recite the entire movie. ---->>>

I don't like auditions. I feel like they're a very unnatural setting and it's a very unsettling experience. Because you can't help but walk in and feel like you're trying to prove yourself to people. And you should just walk in and be. ---->>>

I was a dancer for fifteen years, and I think a lot of what dancing gives you crosses over so much into anything to do with fighting, martial arts, anything action. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 07-22, 1983
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Model

Sharni Vinson (born 22 July 1983) is an Australian model, dancer and actress best known for her roles in Home and Away, Bait 3D, Step Up 3D and You're Next.(wikipedia)