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It was around 4 p.m. in the afternoon. I was just taking a nap. Luckily, my sister was home. ---->>>

I guess they just wanted to scoop a bunch of people up, hoping they got me, and unfortunately they did. ---->>>

There's something on the Internet called the White Resistance Manual. It's pretty much for white supremacists. ---->>>

What I had later learned was that the FBI knew I was going to New York a couple days after the raid. ---->>>

They had been monitoring the site for a very long time, and at times, I received over 100 hits from the Department of Defense on the website, so I wasn't the slightest bit surprised. ---->>>

While I was in jail, they handcuffed me and took me to a backroom, where a detective from the FBI and a Secret Service agent were, and they interrogated me for about three or four hours. ---->>>

I've seen, not surprisingly, no action taken against those people, but here I am, an anarchist website, not even close to what that is, not even close to what else you can find on the Internet. ---->>>

It was called the Reclaim Guide. It was just a general protest guide that went over security culture and stuff like that. A small portion of that guide dealt with explosives information. ---->>>

They went back there, looked at all the computers, asked me to come in and tell them what all the computers were for specifically so they knew how to dismantle the network I had been running. ---->>>

When they searched my car, they said that they found a gasoline canister and I think duct tape. Who wouldn't have a gasoline canister on them when driving 3,000 miles across country? ---->>>

When they were done downloading all the information off each hard drive, they took all the computers, all the literature, and loaded everything into a big white truck and left. ---->>>

About five, six FBI agents walked into the courthouse and arrested me. They said I was being arrested for distribution of information related to explosives over the Internet. ---->>>

Two special agents at the front door pulled me outside. By that time, they had already had the house surrounded with loaded weapons, machine guns, shotguns... about 25 federal agents. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-10, 1983
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Activist

Sherman Martin Austin (born April 10, 1983) is an American anarchist and musician who was arrested for inflammatory content on his website and subsequently convicted. He was the first person to be successfully prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. 842(p), a United States federal law which makes the distribution of information on explosives unlawful if the information is provided with the knowledge or intent that the information will be used to commit a violent federal crime (wikipedia)