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When I turned thirteen and took a typing class, with typical early teen enthusiasm and total lack of critical ability, I started sending my stuff to publishers once I'd babysat long enough to earn the postage. ---->>>

I have made number mistakes - I have such bad number dyslexia that I can look at a number and see the wrong one. I can't remember them worth beans. ---->>>

I was as eager a writer as I was a reader. ---->>>

Like many science fiction lovers of my generation, I discovered Andre Norton on the shelves at the junior high's library. ---->>>

As a kid, I pretty much got nothing but scorn, and occasionally active animus, for writing fantasy and squirreling it away in my closet and, later, under the mattress supports in my bed. ---->>>

Female authors were still using male names when I was young, or they were neatly shoehorned into 'women's books' except for those few that men could always point at when the disparity was pointed out. ---->>>

In my generation, if a man washes the dishes, the older women still tend to cluster around and coo and thank him and praise him. But if a woman washes the dishes, it's business as usual, even if both man and woman have tough office jobs. ---->>>

The history of fan fiction demonstrates how efficient, and effective, women have been at pooling together to get what they want out of their stories. It's been a largely female-driven world. ---->>>

What is interesting to me is looking at how male and female writers depict men who, come in behind to fill those domestic duties, deal with personal and cultural lack of respect for doing what is lingeringly perceived as 'women's work.' ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Writer

Sherwood Smith (born 1951) is an American fantasy and science fiction writer for young adults as well as adults. Smith is a Nebula Award finalist and a longtime writing group organizer and participant. Smith's works include the YA novel Crown Duel. Smith also collaborated with Dave Trowbridge in writing the Exordium series and with Andre Norton in writing two of the books in the Solar Queen universe (wikipedia)