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I think it's unfair to say that Chinese companies are squeezing out American companies. China has so many solar companies that are failing, too. ---->>>

After the Fukushima disaster, Japan shut down most of its reactors and said it would move to renewables. ---->>>

I've always been a goal-driven person. ---->>>

I guess for every government - for many governments, they only have short vision, they only have three-year term or a four-year term. So they have to make sure they get enough support from the voter. So they probably have to deal with more short-term issues which are related to being re-elected. ---->>>


Shi Zhengrong profile (shi-zhengrong.jpg)
Nationality: Australian
Born: 06-21, 1963
Birthplace: Yangzhong, Jiangsu, China
Occupation: Businessman

Shi Zhengrong (Chinese: 施正荣; pinyin: Shī Zhèngróng, born on Feb 10, 1963) is a Chinese-born Australian businessman. He is the founder and, up to March 2013, chairman and chief executive officer of Suntech Power. (wikipedia)