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Who says that big-budget films are safer than mid-range films? In terms of return on investment, I'd rather have 'Sling Blade' and 'Shine' than 'Volcano.' ---->>>

I had the benefit of being guided by Lew Wasserman. I think part of being a mentor is you have to have confidence in the people you're guiding and mentoring. ---->>>

I enjoy the details. I enjoy coming up with ideas for improving the script, changing scenes and deciding what locations and wardrobe should be - the process of making a film. ---->>>

I have the highest respect for stars and auteur directors. But I don't want to work with people who only invite me to the preview. We want to be in the collaborative movie business, not the financing one. ---->>>

There's a very big difference between negotiating to borrow billions of dollars on behalf of MCA and negotiating to borrow 28 cents in connection with making independent pictures. ---->>>

I believe I made it in show business. ---->>>

'McHale's Navy' was a disaster. I'm not pretending it wasn't a disaster. ---->>>

If Steven Spielberg brought me a movie four hours long and said, 'It has to go out this way,' I guarantee you that's the way it would go out. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-14, 1935
Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.
Occupation: Businessman

Sidney Jay "Sid" Sheinberg (born January 14, 1935) is an American lawyer and entertainment executive. He served as President and COO of MCA Inc. and Universal Studios. He, along with his partner, Lew Wasserman, are sometimes credited with forming the studio system in a career spanning more than five decades (wikipedia)