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I rolled myself up into a tight ball of resistance and it was thus that I went through my school years. ---->>>

I went to work in an office and learned, among other lessons, to do things I did not care for, and to do them well. Before I left this office, two of my books had already been published. ---->>>

I was sent to a school because my father was already aware that his days were numbered, and he was anxious for me to acquire a good education and follow in his footsteps. ---->>>

Most of my father's life consisted of traveling to almost every part of Europe. ---->>>


Nationality: Norwegian
Born: May 20, 1882
Die: 06-10, 1949
Occupation: Novelist

Sigrid Undset (20 May 1882 – 10 June 1949) was a Norwegian novelist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. Undset was born in Kalundborg, Denmark, but her family moved to Norway when she was two years old. In 1924, she converted to Catholicism. She fled Norway for the United States in 1940 because of her opposition to Nazi Germany and the German invasion and occupation of Norway, but returned after World War II ended in 1945 (wikipedia)