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Do you know what social justice is? Do you know what social reform is? I didn't either, but reform and social justice are what I intend to do. ---->>>

I'm a TV man, not a money man. ---->>>

I don't throw money away. First class tickets are very expensive. Why should I fly first class if I can fly business, which is the same thing? I would only fly first class if the ticket included access to some sort of special compartment that could save me if there was any crash. ---->>>


Silvio Santos profile (silvio-santos.jpg)
Nationality: Brazilian
Born: 12-12, 1930
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation: Businessman

Silvio Santos, real name Senor Abravanel (born December 12, 1930) is a Brazilian TV show host and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Grupo Silvio Santos, whose holdings include SBT, the second largest television network in the country. His net worth was US$2.3 billion in 2013. He is the presenter of the second oldest Brazilian program: Programa Silvio Santos (1963–present) (wikipedia)