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We need realism to deal with reality.

We need realism to deal with reality.

People think that I'm conceited, and I'm not a nice person. ---->>>

I love eggs fried over medium. ---->>>

That song is a story that shows how easily you could get slipped into being labeled as the bad guy, even though what you really trying to do is tell the bad guy to leave you alone. ---->>>

I think that Hiphop should be a pulpit for the people. ---->>>

There is not enough high intellect to be catered to and when most people think of Hiphop they think of low intellect. ---->>>

You commit a felony, it does not matter who you are, you could be deported. ---->>>

I kicked down doors to show that Hiphop has matured. And it may be a little controversial. ---->>>

I never really went to any concerts that I wasn't in. ---->>>

It can always be transformed into an avenue of information. ---->>>

Nobody thought about having more money than you could ever spend. ---->>>

We might be workers, but we are not happy go-lucky jungle bunnies. ---->>>

I think they will feel refreshed because I cater to a mature audience. ---->>>

And to turn it into rap wasn't too difficult besides just rhymin' the last words of each line.

And to turn it into rap wasn't too difficult besides just rhymin' the last words of each line.

Hiphop has remained in an infantile stage and has not been allowed to grow. ---->>>

Hiphop hasn't had stages of growth through its 30 years of existence. ---->>>

I was never a rah-rah person. I never sold drugs or did anything crazy. ---->>>

I've been in the game for 30 years and I came to represent. ---->>>

It draws you in and creates pictures, so what I do is almost like a talking story book. ---->>>

When I was little, I always used to like to tell stories cuz it was entertaining to people. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 01-14, 1965
Occupation: Musician

Richard Martin Lloyd Walters (born January 14, 1965; better known as Slick Rick, Rick The Ruler and MC Ricky D) is a British-born American rapper. He has released four albums: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (1988), The Ruler's Back (1991), Behind Bars (1994) and The Art of Storytelling (1999). His music has been sampled and interpolated over 600 times, in over 35 songs by artists including Beyoncé, The Beastie Boys, TLC, Nas, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Black Star, The Notorious B (wikipedia)