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Around women, I try to remain calm and collected. ---->>>

Every meal I eat, I be like, 'Can I get some orange juice?' ---->>>

I always tell girls, 'You gon' fall in love with me before I leave.' ---->>>

I wasn't star struck, but you know you're in the game when you're eye-to-eye with Nicki Minaj. It means you made it. ---->>>

It's always nice to make friends; friends is good. ---->>>

My brother makes beats, and I DJ. ---->>>

'Squidbillies' is pretty educational. ---->>>

When I'm looking for something, I say, 'Man that's ugly - nobody would want to rock that.' Then I grab it and I put it on. ---->>>

'No Flex Zone' is when somebody walks in and accuses you of stealing their cellphone, and you didn't, and you know in your pocket you have enough money to buy their cellphone, and you have your own. ---->>>

Sometimes I want to yell on this track; I want to yell the whole song, and I don't think nothing's wrong with that, but the older generation feel like you can't. ---->>>

You can have nothing and be sad, or you can have nothing and be, like, positive and look at it in a good way and try to make your circumstance better. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 12-29, 1993
Occupation: Musician