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Good intentions are not enough. They've never put an onion in the soup yet. ---->>>

Small things have a way of overmastering the great. This small press can destroy a kingdom. ---->>>

The ugly is very appealing to man. It's instinct. One shrinks from the ugly, yet wants to look at it. There's a devilish fascination in it. We extract pleasure from horror. ---->>>


Born: 01-01, 1970
Birthplace: Russia
Die: 1960-03-19
Occupation: Screenwriter

Sonya Levien (born Sara Opesken; 25 December 1888 – 19 March 1960) was a Russian-born American screenwriter. She became one of the highest earning female screenwriters in Hollywood in the 1930s and would help a number of directors and film stars transition from silent films to talkies. In 1955 she received an Academy Award for her screenplay Interrupted Melody (wikipedia)