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As far as I'm concerned I've never had a problem with anybody, no rivalry.

As far as I'm concerned I've never had a problem with anybody, no rivalry.

I love hats, shoes, outfits, handbags, and ethnic jewelery. ---->>>

Everyone tells me that I have a very sweet face! I'd like to change that. I wish I had a more flexible face! ---->>>

I hardly have any spare time! But when I do, I garden a lot - I love plants and flowers. ---->>>

I'd like to be known for my character. ---->>>

I like cooking but I don't know much and whenever I enter the kitchen, my mother sends me out! Because whenever I try a dish from a book, it comes out bad. ---->>>

Although working with Amitabh Bacchan was a different experience altogether, I just enjoyed it. ---->>>

But if I had to do it, handle money, then I think I could be responsible, yes. ---->>>

If I have to do something, I feel I should do it perfectly, and ofcourse, Hindi language is a problem. ---->>>

Luckily I have a brother who looks after my administration and my money, because I'm a total spendthrift. ---->>>

Not at all, I wanted to go into medicine. I took science in college. But my dad was a Producer - Director in Kannada films, and someone saw me, and one thing led to another. ---->>>


Name: Soundarya
Born: 07-17, 1971
Birthplace: Mulbagal, Kolar, Karnataka, India
Die: 04-17, 2004
Occupation: Actress

Soundarya Raghu (born Sowmya Satyanarayan) (18 July 1972 – 17 April 2004) was an Indian film actress and producer known for her works in Telugu cinema, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bollywood films in lead roles. In 2002, she received the National Film Award for Best Feature Film as producer for the Kannada film, Dweepa (wikipedia)