Spencer Abraham short quotes

The demand for electricity to have a strong, growing economy is too great to be simply offset by more conservation. ---->>>

Sometimes we pay too much attention in Washington to public relations, as opposed to the substance. ---->>>

I always wondered what hearing one's own obituary might sound like, and I sort of feel like I may have just heard part of it at least. ---->>>

The ideal ratio is one computer to every five students; we are nowhere close to that percentage in a lot of schools in America. ---->>>

There was a Republican majority of the Senate, and it tempered the nature of the nominations being made. ---->>>

The issues and challenges surrounding nuclear non-proliferation are continuously evolving. They've changed dramatically at several junctures in recent memory. ---->>>

Thousands across America are glued to their web cast to hear this. And actually, I've never met one human being who said that they had seen one of those. ---->>>

Putting the budget ahead of the policy is the wrong way to do it. It's too often the way it's done in Washington. ---->>>

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