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What about passion, dedication, loyalty? Can a robot provide those? No! On the other hand, it's easier to retire a robot when its day is done. ---->>>

Could an android listen to the whining, requests for advancement, and entreaties for guidance and affection that pour from subordinates? Sure it could. Frankly, all that would be easier on the robot than it is on me. ---->>>

There are no living beings who exert more power over others, pound for pound, than tiny babies and extremely thin moguls. ---->>>

I particularly felt that my job in management was safe from the incursion of machines with friendly faces painted on the front of their heads, or whatever you call the metal constructions atop their shoulders, if those are indeed shoulders. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-20, 1951
Occupation: Novelist

Stanley Bing is the pen name of Gil Schwartz (born May 20, 1951 in New York, NY), a business humorist and novelist. He has written a column for Fortune magazine for more than twenty years, after having spent a decade at Esquire. He is the author of thirteen books including What Would Machiavelli Do? and The Curriculum, a satirical textbook for a business school that also offers lessons on the Web (wikipedia)