Stella Young money quotes

Most disability charity hinges on that notion - that you need to send your money in quick before all these poor, pitiful people die. Peddling pity brings in the bucks, yo. ---->>>

Believe me, people with disabilities are just as concerned about benefit fraud as anyone else. Money spent on those who are not in need is money that isn't being spent on vital services to support us in the community. ---->>>

Even those among us who are lucky enough to love our jobs would have to admit that at least part of the reason we work is to earn money. In between all this work, we like to eat out at restaurants, go on trips, buy nice things, not to mention pay rent and meet the cost of living. ---->>>

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Stella Young profile (stella-young.jpeg)
Nationality: Australian
Born: 02-24, 1982
Birthplace: Stawell, Victoria, Australia
Die: 12-06, 2014
Occupation: Comedian