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I explain at the parties that I believe knitting is a transformative and intriguing act that can change the life and brain of the person doing it, and that knitting is a perfect metaphor for life and insight into some better ways through it. ---->>>

The only difference between an experienced knitter and new knitter is that the experienced knitter makes bigger mistakes faster. Be bold; there are no terrible consequences in knitting. ---->>>

When people see me knitting, I tell them I'm a knitter. Not the sort of knitter they may have run into before, but a passionate, constant, deliberate knitter. I knit everyday, all the time, everywhere I go. ---->>>

The essay is one of my favourite forms of writing, and I feel like what's inside is really personal, more so than with shorter pieces. ---->>>

Since I became a knitting humor writer, I seem to be understood a little better - at least for the purposes of social discourse. ---->>>

I do know that there isn't ever going to be a time when there aren't any knitters. ---->>>

All Newfoundlander men can knit. ---->>>

Knitters use knitting to value-add to the world. ---->>>

There are twice as many knitters as golfers in North America. Still, if you walk into any airport in North America, you can find a golf magazine but not a knitting magazine, even though you can't golf on a plane. ---->>>

If you have time to knit, if you've taken up knitting, it means you're not worried about the essential stuff. ---->>>

The people who think I'm famous are knitters. Most of my life, I'm wildly unrecognized. ---->>>

The rules of Canadian engagement say that if we encounter a celebrity, we have to pretend we're not encountering a celebrity. ---->>>

Once in a while, I bump into a knitter, and we have a lovely conversation. But if you figure out the number of people who know me and the people who don't, it's really a small number. ---->>>


Born: 06-14, 1968
Occupation: Writer

Stephanie Anne Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot) (born June 14, 1968) is a writer, knitter, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and doula living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.(wikipedia)