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Nerves can be useful, as they sharpen you up, make you determined to try your hardest and do your best. ---->>>

I actually enjoy writing longer books because you have even more to get your storytelling teeth into. ---->>>

I liked lots of 'Doctor Who' books, but my favourite tale was a spooky story about two invalid children - who've never met in the real world - who get trapped in a shared dreamscape when they fall asleep. It's called 'Marianne Dreams' by Catherine Storr. ---->>>

The first Bond movie I saw at cinemas was 'For Your Eyes Only' when I was almost 10. I got into the Fleming books after watching 'A View To A Kill' a few years later. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 06-21, 1971
Occupation: Writer

Stephen Cole (born 1971) (also credited as Steve Cole) is an English author of children's books and science fiction. He was also in charge of BBC Worldwide's merchandising of the BBC Television series Doctor Who between 1997 and 1999: this was a role which found him deciding on which stories should be released on video, commissioning and editing a range of fiction and non-fiction titles, producing audiobooks and acting as executive producer on the Big Finish Productions range of Doctor Who audio dramas In 2013 Ian Fleming Publications announced that Cole would continue the Young Bond series first penned by Charlie Higson, with four new books to further explore the life of the teenage James Bond (wikipedia)