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Vampires to me have always been very sexy.

Vampires to me have always been very sexy.

I guess what I learned the most was to feel lucky with what I have been able to accomplish and what I have and to feel humble about the people I have been able to work with. ---->>>

I liked getting the best villain award. I thought that was funny. ---->>>

I started acting before that when I was about 13 or 14. ---->>>

It used to be you did TV or you did film. Now it's like a media blitz. ---->>>

You have to feel the bad to be able to feel the good. ---->>>

Basically, at some point, one day maybe you can expect to hear some of my music. I haven't really done that yet because my younger brother is a musician and really talented and I want him to come out with his music first. ---->>>

Nuclear arms is pretty scary because that could end the world. I'm more interested in that stuff than I am Bill Clinton. I mean, I think Bill Clinton is a good president. ---->>>

They're trying to beat out this movie, the Ring, which is a similar idea. Our movie is about a website you visit and die in three days. Their movie is about a videotape you watch - and die in three days. ---->>>

That's the danger of having too much success. You lose that magic, that feeling of not being in control, which I feel now, it's too controlled. ---->>>

Yes, I definitely plan to direct at some point. ---->>>

But, I didn't get my first break until I was 17. ---->>>

I don't want to just be in the normal kind of teen movie. ---->>>

I play guitar and I love the Beatles and melodic music. ---->>>

I wouldn't want to do a whole movie with effects. ---->>>

I've mainly been in dramas, so this is one of my first comedy kind of performances in Cecil B. Demented. ---->>>

I've read some scripts, but I don't read as many books as I should. ---->>>

I think acting is only one part of the piece of the movie. I'ts an important piece, but I'd like to be involved in all the other aspects of making movies. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 07-29, 1973
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Occupation: Actor

Stephen Dorff Jr. (born July 29, 1973) is an American actor, known for portraying PK in The Power of One, Stuart Sutcliffe in Backbeat, Johnny Marco in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, and for his roles in Blade (as self-styled vampire-overlord Deacon Frost), Cecil B. DeMented, The Motel Life, S.F.W. and Space Truckers (wikipedia)